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PointsBet is an ASX listed sports wagering operator and iGaming provider, offering innovative sports and racing betting products and services direct to Clients via its scalable cloud-based technology platform.

Founded in 2015, PointsBet has grown rapidly since launching its innovative sports betting product, PointsBetting, in Australia in February 2017.

By March 2018, PointsBet provided a full product suite in Australia, adding Fixed Odds Racing (September 2017) and Fixed Odds Sports (March 2018) to complement its PointsBetting product.

PointsBet launched operations in the United States in January 2019, and is now operational in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Virginia, Indiana, Maryland, Colorado, Louisiana, Iowa, Kansas and West Virginia with plans to roll-out operations across the United States as access to other State based sports betting markets open up. It is also operational in Ontario, Canada.

In August 2020, PointsBet announced a transformational five-year media partnership with NBC Universal to become the Official Sports Betting Partner of NBC Sports in the United States. This partnership provides PointsBet with access to leading national and regional television and digital assets, with the largest sports audience of any US media company, accessing over 184 million viewers.

differentiating technology

In-House Technology

Front-End, Back-End, Fixed Odds Sports, Fixed Odds Racing and PointsBetting… It’s all ours. Our elite team of experienced developers across the globe utilise modern technology to build, manage, and operate a self-sustaining system including the betting engine, mobile and web-based applications, secure cloud and land-based storage, and more.


PointsBet’s priority is to provide a fast and immersive client experience. Our product and technical decisions are driven to support the goal of a continuously improving client experience. We engage with our clients across all possible channels to enhance their journey. These channels include traditional media, social, retail, mobile, free play, gaming verticals, and its marketing partners.

our global strategy

US Opportunity

Estimated Total Addressable Market (Gross Gaming Revenue) estimated at US12.1bn to $US20.3bn by 2025 (includes both Sports Betting and iGaming).


In-House Technology Platform that is reliable, robust, user-friendly, and fast.

Execution in Australia

Strong performance since its inception delivering year-on-year growth. This outstanding performance delivered by the Australian business is a proof of concept of what PointsBet expects to deliver in the US market.


Led by a world class team with a demonstrated track record in the wagering industry, commercial execution, financial management, legal expertise, corporate strategy and corporate governance experience.

Risk Management

Management’s decades of experience operating sports wagering and trading businesses, underpins our proprietary algorithms and risk management tools.

Marketing Expertise

Data-driven approach to customer acquisition as well as a nimble and opportunistic execution, and alignment with our key media partners including NBC Sports in the United States and Channel 7 Horse Racing Coverage in Australia.