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Bad beats are an unfortunate byproduct of sports betting. Everyone has experienced one, and probably recently. And of course, all bettors possess distinct and vivid memories of all the worst beats they’ve suffered over time. The difficult part is determining just how bad each one was.

Good news: the guessing game is officially over. PointsBet is bringing you the first and only way to officially quantify all the worst beats: The Bad Beat Index.

Incorporating a multitude of weighted factors including win probability, referee intervention, event importance, act of God scale, overall absurdity, weather, past history, social media chatter — to name just a few — PointsBet has developed a methodology to determine precisely the level and ranking of every notable bad beat.

In the current installment of the Index, the 2019 Final Four game between Auburn and Virginia checks in at No. 1, while the infamous Saints-Rams NFC Championship Game rounds out the Top 5. Will there be any new entrants in the near future? Stay tuned.

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